Offical Selection at the 2016 Blowup Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival

'Amplified Isolation' essay by Gary M. Kramer for Film International

Q & A Interview with writer/director Lee Eubanks

Inspired by arthouse films of the 1960s, writer/director Lee Eubanks creates a menacing world of isolation and unease in his feature film debut It Takes from Within.

An ominous, bleak atmosphere permeates a desolate town where an unnamed man and woman make preparations to attend a burial. The tension builds as the two experience increasingly disturbing incidents involving manifestations of dread and despair while the internment draws near.

Expressive cinematography, brooding sound design, and minimal use of spoken dialogue make It Takes from Within a surreal, cryptic journey into the dark void between the reality and nightmare of our conflict with death.

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